Publications Security and privacy issues and concerns about the use of social networking services

Security and privacy issues and concerns about the use of social networking services


Social Networking Services (SNSs) have become an integral part of modern society influencing communication, content sharing and life style. Due to the wide range of services and prompt communication SNSs offer, they attract the interest and the attention of all kinds of Internet users. Nowadays, modern students are more accustomed to SNSs and spend more and more time using them. When applied in education in a student-centered way, SNSs have the potential to enhance students’ engagement and active participation in learning. Hence, an increasing number of educators are trying to incorporate social media-based teaching and learning activities into their curriculum. In this study, we look into security and privacy issues and concerns of SNSs as conceived by Information System (IS) students in Higher Education (HE). The results of our study aim to support and assist educators, who aspire to design social media-based teaching and learning activities, in paying attention to certain security and privacy features and issues of SNSs. Educators should be aware of these specific features and issues as they are vital to reinforce teaching and learning activities. This study reveals higher education students’ major concerns regarding security and privacy issues on SNSs. The respondents regarded them potential of their personal information, financial information and intimate secrets being breached as the most notable concerns. Moreover, the results of our study show that there is still some need for SNS improvement in regard to security and privacy issues, as well as that educators should further increase their students’ awareness of how they should manage to protect their privacy and share content online, as well as of the significance of information security and privacy and the various online threats. Finally, some basic actions both educators and students could apply in order to enhance data privacy and further restrict access to sensitive information are proposed.




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